On November 2, 2017, a few hundred retirees attended the Retiree Conference at the Watermill in Smithtown. After Continental Breakfast, NYSUT Vice President Paul Pecorale,VOTE/COPE coordinator June Smith and Regional Political Organizer Jeff Friedman spoke about the campaign against the Constitutional Convention and the operation of the phone banks. Suffolk Regional Office Director Peter Verdun gave an update on current issues facing NYSUT, including the Constitutional Convention and the agency fee court case, “Janus”, before the Supreme Court. The breakout sessions included a comprehensive presentation on long term care and other elder law issues, a discussion of proposed plans to expand Medicare, a presentation on the experiences of a Japaness-American in a World War II internment camp and an opportunity to make phone calls supporting a no vote on proposition 1 – the Constitutional Convention.  After lunch, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli discussed issues related to our pension benefit. In all, the day was informative, the speakers inspiring and the food was great. Thanks are due to Joan Perrini for all the hard work to make the event possible.

Make Your Donation to Vote–Cope Now

Please make a contribution to Vote Cope when you receive your Contribution Card in the mail. VOTECOPE is NYSUT’s non-partisan action fund that coordinates the voluntary contributions of members and supports NYSUT-endorsed candidates and campaign committees that are pro-public-education and pro-labor.

VOTECOPE works for all of us, and it is vital that we support its efforts. Contribution may be made by mail, online or by returning the pension deduction form you received in the mail.

It is VITAL that all members vote Tuesday

Vote for your local representatives.

IMPORTANT — For New Yorkers, TURN THE BALLOT OVER and vote NO on Proposition 1 – the proposition to hold a New York State Constitutional Convention.

Vote as you see fit on Proposition 2gives judges the power to remove pensions from government officials convicted of crimes and Proposition 3 — gives counties the power to exchange protected forest acres for municipal use.