A Must Read For Retired Northport Middle School Teachers …

This message is from Wayne Jensen, UTN 7–12 Vice President: On April 27, air quality tests were conducted at NMS in a K-wing classroom located above the district warehouse. These tests were in response to the discovery of potentially hazardous materials being stored at that facility. The results of these tests revealed concerning levels of specific Volatile Organic Compounds. Said results prompted a letter from the Superintendent dated May 25, which explained the timeline of events, and invited parents to an information meeting on May 30. The district has since posted (1) the April 27 test results, (2) the May 25 letter, (3) a NYS Department of Health information sheet on Volatile Organic Compounds, (4) an update letter dated June 8, and (5) a letter from the NYS Department of Health dated June 14. All of these documents can be found on the district website: http://web.northport.k12.ny.us/district.cfm?subpage=233927 – these documents are also attached to this email.

If you have taught in the K-wing at Northport Middle School, please send an email to northporths.utn@gmail.com as soon as possible – you will be included in future emails so that you can provide any input you may have regarding the situation, and so that your UTN representatives can disseminate any updates as they arise.

Northport High School Retirement Party

High School Retirement Party for Bob Feinstein and Suzy Travis
June 16th 6 p.m.
The Lark
93 Larkfield Road
East Northport

$80 /person includes dinner, drinks, gifts
RSVP to Tom Franco
Checks payable to Tom Franco
C/O Northport High School, L-223
154 Laurel Hill Road
Npt 11768

UTN Members Retiring in June

The following UTN members will be retiring from the Northport – East Northport UFSD at the end of the school year :

Danielle Deportee – High School, World Languages
Robert Feinstein – High School, English
Robert Owen –  High School, World Languages
Sue Travis – High School, English
Marti White – Pulaski, Psychologist
Angela Angermaier – Northport Middle School, 6th Grade
Steve Paysen – Northport Middle School, Music
Ann Griffith – Northport Middle School, Special Ed
Kathy Sapienza – Northport Middle School, Teaching Assistant
Kathleen Byrnes – Ocean Avenue , Secretary
Gerry Capps High School, PE and Bruce Levine High School, Music retired mid-year.

June 10 — UTN End of Year Party at Crab Meadow
June 16 — Northport Middle School Retirement Party at the Sunken Meadow Pavilion

UTN Recommendations for 2016 Budget Vote

Tuesday, May 17 is the date set for Budget Votes and Board of Education Elections in New York State.

For the information of R-UTN members who reside in the Northport – East Northport UFSC, the United Teachers of Northport has endorsed the following candidates for the Board of Eduction: A.Noonan, Andrew Rapiejko, and Julia Binger. The UTN recommends a YES vote on the 2016 – 2017 budget.

The R-UTN urges everyone to exercise their right to vote in local school elections.