Budget & School Board Vote – June 9, 2020

All New York State budget/Board member elections will take place by mail.

Ballots for the Northport – East Northport UFSD Budget Vote and School Board Elections will be mailed to each eligible voter next weekend. 

Completed ballots MUST be received by the district clerk by June 9th. To ensure your vote counts, it is suggested you mail your completed ballots no later than June 6th.

Residents of other school districts should call their Central Office for mailing timelines.

School Budget Vote Postponed

The New York State 2020 School Board Elections and Budget Votes are postponed from May 19 to June 9. School districts are being asked to mail Absentee Ballots to all residents. Additional information will be posted about the Northport – East Northport elections when it becomes available.

Senator Flanagan Calls NYSUT Evil

On Monday, October 15, State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, who represents Senate District #2, told an Albany radio audience that teachers unions, including NYSUT, represent “the forces of evil.”

Since becoming Senate Majority Leader Senator Flanagan has consistently worked against public education and in favor of charter schools. During the current election season NYSUT is not endorsing any candidates who voted with Senator Flanagan on bills designed to enhance the number and financing of charter schools.

Senator Flanagan sees the union endorsements as evil, and part of a plot by outsiders to unseat the New York State majority. He fails to realize that members of teacher’s unions are constituents, and that union endorsements go to members of both parties. NYSUT is non-partisan in its endorsements, supporting candidates who will work for public education, students and teachers.

A listing of NYSUT candidates for state and national office will be posted later this week.