Did you work at the Middleville Road building?

R-UTN member John Kobel has been working with the parent’s from the Middleville / Northport Middle building concerning the ongoing health problems.  The parents have contacted a class action law firm with regards to the health issues (past and present) in the building.  

The following is a letter that the parents’ group forward to John Kobel from the Law Firm of Leary Bride.

We want to meet with all former teachers, but not in a group setting.  We want to meet with them individually. 
Please reach out to anyone who might be interested in meeting with us and have them call my office and ask for my paralegal, Sarah Dugan.  She will create a schedule so we can meet with each person individually. 
Thomas B. Lim Counsel
7 ridgedale Ave
Cedar Knowls, NJ. 07927
Phone:  973-539-2090
Thank you for all your responses to the first email and hope you will continue to share.