Middleville / Northport Middle Update

Anyone who ever worked or attended school at the Middleville Road building are urged to get tested for heavy metal poisoning. A group of parents have formed a Facebook Group, (K)oncerned Parents, to share information, comments and sources about Middleville, themselves, their sick children, what they have tried to do and how they have been treated by the Northport district and the Board of Ed. The K stands for K wing which has been closed since June of 2017. The parent in charge of the Facebook page is Denise Curci Schwartz. Anyone asking to be a friend should either state that they worked in the building or mention R-UTN member John Kobel (his posts show up as Phyllis Kobel).

A petition has been started by the (K)oncerned Parents urging the closing of Northport Middel School. They are asking all concererned community members to visit the Change.org petition page and add their name.

Sad News …

Michael Glennon, former Northport High School English teacher was and English Chairperson, passed away on July 7, 2018. After leaving Northport he served as the principal of Wheatley High School in Old Westbury. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Driscoll Glennon; two sons, Michael and Patrick, his daughter Martha Linetzky and six grandchildren. He was pre-deceased by his first wife Constance and his daughter Mary.

Visiting hours will be held at the Nolan and Taylor Howe Funeral Home from 2:00 – 4:30 & 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Sunday July 15. Funeral Mass 10:30 a.m. on Monday, July 16 at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Centerport, NY. Interment to follow at the Northport Rural Cemetery.

Donations in his memory may be made to Good Shephard Hospice, 200 Belle Terrre Rd., Port Jefferson, NY 11777, www.chsli.org.

The Janus Decision Explained

There is widespread confusion about what the recent Supreme Court decision in the Janus case really means for unions. Justice Ruth Ginsberg, who wrote a strongly worded dissenting opinion, recently offered a concise explanation in easy to understand, non-legalese.

Public sector workers who don’t want to join a union don’t have to, and since 1947 they cannot be forced to pay union dues. This was already the state of affairs before this court ruling. However, public sector unions are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide services to both members and nonmembers who are part of the bargaining unit. What unions have done in the past is charged non-members fees for services.(Note: this is similar to what many membership based businesses do. For example, Amazon Prime). What this ruling does is make it illegal for unions to charge non-members fees for services provided. In other words, it requires public sector unions to provide services for free to those who don’t feel like paying for those services. NON members who do not pay for those services can sue unions for failing to provide the same services that they provide members (that is already true, before this ruling, and will remain so).. So what is wrong with this ruling is that the government is requiring unions to accept unreimbursed liability and provide unreimbursed services to anyone who feels like being a free rider, for whatever reason. It ensconces in law the “right” of nonmembers to be free riders who benefit from unions’ services without paying for them. What an odd thing for conservatives to support. I bet they wouldn’t want that to be the law for whatever businesses or nonprofits they own or operate. Imagine if a restaurant was required by law to provide anything on its menu to anyone who walked in and ordered it, but prohibited from charging anyone who didn’t feel like paying for it. That is the position that this ruling has put public sector unions in.
Ruth Ginsberg